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Media Industry Development Authority of Fiji

The Media Industry Development Authority of Fiji (MIDA) is an independent statutory body set up by the Fijian Government.


Good communication is a founding principle of the Media Industry Development Authority of Fiji (MIDA). This plan is intended to guide MIDA ensure that communication is embedded into implementation of MIDA activities and that the process supports the outcomes of the programs for well-informed Fijian citizens. The plan aligns itself to the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji- Chapter 2- Bill of Rights, clause 17 (3) (h). The role of MIDA is spelt out in the Media Industry Development Decree 2010 (Decree No. 29 of 2010).

The plan provides a communication framework to:

·      To encourage, promote and facilitate the development of media organisations and media services in Fiji

·      To advise and make recommendations to the Minister on matters, measures and regulations related to or connected with the media

·      To facilitate the provision of a quality range of media services in Fiji which serves the national interest

·      To ensure that media services in Fiji are maintained at a high standard in all respects and, in particular, in respect of the quality, balance, fair judgment and range of subject-matter of their content

·      To ensure that nothing is included in the content of any media service which is against public interest or order, or national interest, or which offends against good taste or decency and creates communal discord;

·      To promote local content in print, broadcast and all forms of media; and

·      To perform such other matters as the Authority may determine to be in the interests of the media and in furtherance of the objects of the Media Decree No.29

Our communication will not be restricted to MIDA, but will showcase good practice and achievements in the Fiji media system and, as appropriate, lessons learned locally, regionally and internationally.

Key messages

These messages will be incorporated consistently into communication about MIDA as a whole. Partners will develop specific messages about each component as implementation progresses. These will be shared to ensure consistency.

·      The media has a vital role in society, helping to raise awareness, inform opinions, convey the voice of the people and promote transparency and accountability.

·      MIDA is committed to working with the media, government and relevant stakeholders in Fiji and to build momentum for good governance and development that improves the quality of life for all Fijians.

·      MIDA supports a diverse, independent and professional media that informs the people of Fiji to make wise decisions and gives them a voice in public life

·      The media is part of a dynamic system that includes government, civil society organisations, educators, the private sector and most importantly, the community. MIDA focuses on all parts of the system and how they interact.

·      MIDA is based on the priorities identified by the Fijian Government for responsible media to be a development partner in nation building. The core objectives of MIDA is to help promote:

o    the legal and regulatory framework for media (a policy environment that promotes responsible media freedom and access to information)

o    the quality of journalism/media (skilled, credible journalists and media practitioners)

o    the availability of news and information to citizens (more content about Fiji shared across the region and beyond)

o    the business of media (media ownership and viable public service broadcasters that can protect their editorial independence)

o   the supporting institutions (journalism institutes, media association and civil society organisations that promote accountability).

·      MIDA has been established as development partner for nation building.

·      MIDA is a long-term program and its priorities and activities will evolve in response to engagement with the Fijian media system.

·      MIDA builds on the lessons learned from previous media platforms/programs for a well-informed Fijian society.



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